Hard armor Industrial offers services for the Oil and Gas industry as well as other industrial construction projects. Our dedication to providing high quality installation services and supplying high quality insulation and cladding material, while remaining at competitive prices and time frames for your project, is paramount to us. Our high-grade materials include Fibreglass, Cellular foam glass, Mineral wool, Calcium Silicate, Urethane foam shells, Styrofoam/span shells, Ceramic Fibres as well as high performing protecting metals such as Aluminum, steal or corrugated sheet metals.

 Insulating and cladding process piping, tanks/vessels, boilers, exchangers and other mechanical equipment is always done to engineering specifications and temperature variations are always taken into account.  It is important to properly insulate and clad process pipes to provide temperature control, provide condensation control, reduce noise and provide a layer of personal protection for facility workers which in turn, increases both energy savings and cost savings over the life of a project. Process pipe insulation leads to a reduction of green house emissions and provides a defensive layer against the harsh elements in western Canada.

Hard Armor also provides field site insulation and glycol services for field sites, wellheads, and tie-in and pipeline construction projects.

Custom ordered insulating blankets are also designed and installed by our team of professionals.