Hard Armor Industrial takes every precaution when it comes to safety. Following OH&S standards and guidelines, we have taken a firm approach to our people on the job site. We are currently developing our own policies, guidelines, and procedures and are currently pursuing the SECOR Recognition certification. We are a top-down company, safety procedures begin at the top, and responsibility is that of the Director filtered down to an employee on his/her first day of work. There are no shortcuts to safety.

Our highlighting policy:

“Everyone arrives to work safely, everyone works safely, everyone arrives home safely”.

All of our staff are equipped with a four-head gas monitor for Oil and Gas projects, Hard hats, safety glasses, steel toe boots, and gloves. These are our last lines of defense, and every effort is made to establish measures and controls to protect workers on site on the administrative level. As extensive as policies and procedures reach, they simply don’t do enough. Too many workers have been injured on the job and we strive to keep every worksite accident free.